Syncresis is movement and process - a way of understanding, the flowing together of many streams of experience. Many disciplines, many perspectives, many dimensions of consciousness. In the noun form, a 'syncresis' is the resulting unity of this integration, of this mergence, of this synergy.

On a personal level, syncresis suggests personal integration leading to the coinciding of self-within-self, self within the universe of relationships, self within the cosmos - the conscious integration of mind, body, emotion and spirit within the experience of being, within the experience of Life.

Moving beyond closed systems and fixed dogmas, the SYNCRESIS META-PROCESS provides a matrix for exploring self in relation to others; individual consciousness as it is related to cultural context and cultural influences; self in relation to our species, to the earth and to the cosmos at large. This experiential meta-relationship allows understanding of the nature of consciousness as it arises spontaneously within you in an infinite unfolding. Moving beyond dogma and fixed beliefs allows exploration beyond the constraints of normative psychology, spiritual materialism, self-help fads and the conditioning and programming of our cultures of birth. And in this freedom meta-processing moves us 'beyond belief.'




This site was developed to serve as an informal collection of the work of Jai Jonathan Daemion - i.e., a museum of a life-work. Although the concept of a repository of past work makes sense, spending time archiving past experience rarely does. The universe (without and within) is expanding and experience and consciousness is infinite in the now.

So past artifacts that may be preserved here may includework in these areas: exploration of the nature of experience; the interaction of emotion and consciousness; psychophysical integration; meta-perspectives on psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy, the traditional yogas and meditation; essays on cultural limitations and determinants of experience and consciousness; exploring archetypal consciousness and the experiential dimensions of consciousness.

WRITING IN DEPTH:  Words, word, Word. 'In the Beginning....'  Writings on Emotion and Consciousness; Pre-Natal Emotional Development; Mass Affective Psychology; and the delineation of an experiential or phenomenological epistemology - understanding the nature of life and existence through direct experience. Other topics include: addressing the gender bias and patriarchal limitations of traditional yogas (especially as regards breath, emotion and sexuality as presented in the Tantra-Shastra, the Vedas, yoga-pranayama and conventional meditational practices); the identification and integration of multiple dimensions of experience and awareness (as dimensions of consciousness); comparing fixed- vs. free-ritual spiritual expression; creation of an experientially based, living process of Free-Ritual Shamanism; and topics that expand the Syncresis Meta-Process - a pathway to self-awareness and integrated consciousness based entirely in individual experience.

THE ONLINE META-PROCESS  offers an intensive one-to-one relationship, an invitation into deepening self-exploration and self-integration based in learning how to meta-process infinite personal experience. Beyond theories, dogmas, programs and beyond beliefs: experience (and consciousness) is infinite.

GALLERY: "MOVING THROUGH LAYERS OF LIFE AND DEATH - A VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY OF BALINESE CREMATION RITUALS"  is an unusually intimate and privileged photographic study (created 1977 & 1981)of the &'Bali Ngaben' ritual, with an accompanying text.

AUDIO  After a twenty year hiatus, Jai has returned to playing and recording (keyboards, vocals). Audio links to mp3's of previously released and un-released recordings - and new tracks as they come.



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