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My experience of writing anything is largely meditational, as the content often comes while I am in a light trance state. But in times past, after perhaps two separate sessions in a day writing toward a book contract or a 'serious' manuscript, in the afterhours I felt freer to explore the direct connection that can happen between mind and feeling and an indescribable wholeness and integration that I have come to call 'The All and Everything.' Sometimes these words only express my own surrender sometimes, perhaps, touching into the source of my inspiration and guidance.

I will include bits of these writings as I come across them, if they feel shareable in this very intimate and yet very impersonal format.



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The sound of Us is a secret sound,
Made indistinguishable from Angel Song
By the power of its lifting wings
To soar our heart as One Heart

With such glory filling the skies
How do we speak of anything else?
With such meaning in each other's eyes
Why must it so often go unspoken?

To ride the winds of evolving consciousness
Connects us all beyond our highest Vision.
Bathed in the light of Wonder we turn away
Touch our clothing and pretend the commonplace
Matters that we cannot reveal to anyone
A simple truth of Being and Becoming
Something ever new, reborn in Breath
That we cannot name or tell
Nor find perfect being within creation
And live to tell the world
Awaits our Revelation with pounding pulse
Of Life full-filling every tiny cell
Exploding with each passing moment
Into starry turmoil and infinite Peace.

Yet through It All, through Us All
This secret passion rages endlessly
While we demure and pretend it away,
To better enjoy fiddling with a buttonhole
And make believe that it matters not at all
If Truth be told against all odds
The Secret would be out
And We would all Be In'

Then hands would fall from guarding selves
And buttonholes would make do with ignore-ance
While we made something new of Life
A danced its dance in conscious celebration
Of the 'All and Everything' that moves through Us
And admitting that, all knew at once
That there was simply nothing else to say.
~ ~ ~ I look in to your eyes and see so far beyond mortal Life
I see all Creation unfolding before me and with in Us.

I know that you must see it too
Even in eyes such as mine

For if this wonder was not shared
I could not see it at all.

For if you did not somewhere know
Then there would be no knowing at all.

~ ~ ~ The problem is not to access this Infinity
No, indeed, for any path will directly lead
And any soul can surely follow
For the signs are every where and everywhere alight
So the problem is not the Dark nor the time of Night.

The problem that we make of Infinity and Wonder
Is once and forever and all ways the same
It is our Fear of letting anyone find out
The terrible secret that we all die to protect:

That there nothing is hidden in Revelation
That we are One in wonderment
Exactly as we are meant to be
And have somehow been told and some why believed
That infinity of Love and Knowing and Peace
Is not possible for originally branded sinners
And therefore we can not dare to reveal
What is being revealed through our participation
In every moment of Life.

If we were only brave enough and if we only dared
To admit what everyone colludes to hide away
In downward looks and buttonhole excursions
Through all of human time experience
It would not take more than a few of the very brave
To speak the Last Word of Revelation
That would awaken Us to Consciousness.

Popping bubbles of delusion and resigned affect
Releasing the magic of awareness and communion
Lost and found in transcendent nothingness
Reborn anew from the ashes aloneness in to re-union
As the one-and-only mind, the unitary body,
The Perfect Circle of the Single Heart
As the vessel of Peace in the perfection of Life.

~ ~ ~ What is our common secret
The secret we will die to conceal?
It is no secret at all
For its Revelation is all around us
Its energy all through us
Its Light becoming Us.

Dare we feel it?
Dare we know it?
Dare we admit it?
Dare we share it?

Dare we surrender in to Open Heart?
When every voice within us invites us to admit
That in the end... there is simply nothing else to do.

20 Oct 2009

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